3 Reasons to consider IV Hydration during WEDDING SEASON in Portsmouth, NH.

3 Reasons to consider IV Hydration during WEDDING SEASON in Portsmouth, NH.

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3 Reasons to consider IV Hydration during WEDDING SEASON in Portsmouth, NH. Want to show up to your wedding and pre-wedding events glowing from the inside out? Here are three reasons to consider IV Hydration before your wedding

Number 1

Planning your wedding and participating in all the activites that come along with it can be one of the best times in your life, but it can also be incredibly demanding and draining. Routine IV Vitamin Hydration every 4-6 weeks leading up to your wedding day can boost your overall energy levels, as well as help prevent illnes, giving you the physical and mental stamina you need to shine through one of your most important life events. It can also help strengthen hair and nails and increase performance and recovery time at the gym, so you know you’ll show up to your wedding events looking your very best! 

Number 2

Did you know IV Hydration treatment at LIIV Medical Aesthetics can be a perfect activity for bachelor and bachelorette parties in the Portsmouth, NH area? Here at LIIV we offer mobile IV Hydration services right to your front door! Why not give the most important people in your life the gift of feeling wonderful and healthy while sharing precious time together as friends? The bride and groom to-be will thank you for this service. Check out our “LIIV to See Another Day” hydration formulation loaded with electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, anti-nausea such as Zofran, and Toradol (pain reliever) if needed. This is our best option for alleviating hangovers so the fun can continue all weekend!

Number 3

 IV Hydration can also be a perfect option for brides, grooms, wedding parties or guests on the morning of the wedding. Imagine your peace of mind knowing you can enjoy yourself to the fullest the night before your wedding because you’ve treated yourself to the luxury of IV Hydration the next morning! Feeling short on time? At LIIV Medical Aesthetics we come directly to you so you have the convenience of IV Hydration treatment while getting ready for your big day. Leave it to LIIV to refresh and invigorate you through to the last dance of the night and beyond!


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